Week 5 – Halfway Point (wow)

Project Work:
This past Friday, June 7th I held my first consent/information day at Kibaala Nursery School. With a few hiccups it went well and we had many of the children’s parents sign the consent form. There are 26 children at Kibaala who participated in the research study last year. We will try to reach all children’s parents to give them the opportunity to sign the consent form and offer their child the deworming medication for this year. This week the Community Health Worker for Munoywa area accompanied me to Kibaala Nursery School as we gave the first dose of deworming medication and completed data collection. The measurements being taken are: weight, height and arm circumference. We also ask the Head Teachers whether the student has been absent and the reasons behind the absence. It was exciting to see the planning of the last few weeks being put into action. We also set up the consent/information day at Bo-yusuf Nursery School for early next week.
In regards to the Public Health Camp we have chosen a place for both Mudete and Chavakali Public Health Camps. In Chavakali we are going to be holding the camp at Walodeya Church near the Primary School. In Mudete we have proposed to hold the camp at PAG Church, which still needs to be confirmed. We will be holding the first camp July 4th in Chavakali! I know it is still 3 weeks away, but we are starting to get both excited and nervous! Next week we will be hiring Community Health Workers, Nurses and Clinic Officers. Then we are almost ready for the camps to occur!

The Weekend Trips:
This past weekend we spent in our hometown, Mbale. Friday afternoon Becky, Lauren and myself decided to walk around the Market and see what other than food they had to sell. Being three girls we found ourselves at a lovely lady’s clothing pile, looking through all the tops. We found ourselves purchasing each a few new tops to spice up our wardrobe! It was a lovely start to the weekend.
On Saturday we took a matatu to Majengo and then piki pikis to the Maragoli Hills. We had a guide take us to the top of the mountain where we took many fun pictures! We then went into the Maragoli caves! Caves are probably one of my biggest fears. When we were first entered the caves, I watched Greg’s, Mary’s and Becky’s bodies disappear under the rocks… I nearly peed my pants! There were about 14 kids and teenagers who also came into the caves with us and I don’t think we could have done it without them! They were so helpful, helping us know where to put our feet, how to get under the rocks, and pushing/pulling up the massive rocks. I was so happy I conquered my fear and made it through the 120 meter cave!
This past Sunday the SID team had a unique graduation ceremony for the 3 Project Managers and our Project Coordinator who were unable to attend our ceremonies in Canada. At the graduation ceremony we had the dean, a keynote speaker and key people to hand out diplomas. Both the keynote speaker and dean brought laughter and wisdom to their speeches! Well it is off to Uganda tomorrow for some extreme river rafting and sight seeing! So excited.


One thought on “Week 5 – Halfway Point (wow)

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLIN!!! I hope you had a lovely day today – know that I’m thinking of you and hoping that you continue to have amazing adventures in the midst of the wonderful work you are doing. With love, Barb xo

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